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focus state - MADHYA PRADESH


            Madhya Pradesh is one such State that has created a new identity of India's development and public welfare sector over the past one decade. Once branded as 'BIMARU State" this heartland of India has now emerged as the country's fastest growing State through its evolutionary achievements and successful implementation of innovative schemes. The development specialists are amazed at the way Madhya Pradesh has progressed during the past one decade. The State has touched entirely new heights in the agriculture sector, where the growth rate has been close to 20 percent for the past two years. It has emerged as a major wheat growing State. The infrastructural development has been robust. The State, which was shrouded in darkness a decade ago due to power largely remaining unavailable, is now almost a power surplus State. Ten years back the State has got notoriety for the worst condition of its roads. It is now known for quality roads. Madhya Pradesh has done phenomenal work to increase irrigation capacity. The poor people have been covered under food security, benefitting about 60 percent population. Several innovative initiatives of good governance have been taken. Madhya Pradesh has been the first State in the country to implement Public Services Delivery Guarantee Act. An exemplary initiative has been taken to enforce special law for confiscating property and wealth earned through malpractice. Leading in social sector also Madhya Pradesh has set examples of several schemes for other states to follow suit. The best example is Ladli Laxmi Yojna. Madhya Pradesh has a perfect connectivity to India's metros and other markets. This, coupled with the state's vast and rich natural resources, rich cultural heritage, an excellent quality of life, a thriving industrial base, peaceful manpower, and a progressive and investor friendly government sums up to "Advantage Madhya Pradesh."