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Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 Where is the Pragati Maidan?

A. Pragati Maidan is 3km away from Nizamuddin railway station. It is 10 km away from interstate bus terminal. You can reach at Pragati Maidan by Delhi metro.

Q.2 Where is the Venue of IITF’ 2015?

A. Venue of IITF’ 2015 is Pragati Maidan, New Delhi. Pragati Maidan is India's largest world class Exhibition Complex and a Symbol of "Modern fair Culture" in India. Its exhibition halls are complete with a network of infrastructural facilities, in a lush green setting, make it the automatic choice of top-notch exhibition organizers from India and abroad.

Q.3 What are the timings of the fair?

A. The timing are as follows:
Business Visitors 9.30 AM to 7.30 PM (14th November, to 18th November, 2015)
General Visitors 9.30 AM to 7.30 PM (19th November, to 27th November, 2015)

Q.4 Whether general public is allowed to the fair?

A. General public is allowed to the fair between 19th November to 27th November, 2015 from 9.30 AM to 7.00 PM on each day.

Q.5 What is the entry fee for the fair?

A. Business Entry fee is Rs. 400/- per day during 14th November to 18th November, 2015. General visitors fee is Rs.50 per adult and Rs.30 per child during week days from 19th November onward. During weekends and holidays the entry fee will be Rs.80 per adult and Rs.50 per child.

Q.6 Where can I buy the entry ticket for the event?

A. The tickets can be purchased from Delhi Metro Stations, park and ride sites and Gate1 and 2 only at Pragati Maidan. The tickets sales at Pragati Maidan is from 09.30 am to 4.00 pm only on working days & 09.30 am to 2.00 pm on Saturday, Sunday and Holidays..

Q.7 How can I get entry Badges?

A. To get the entry badges every individual has to fill up the Exhibitor Badges Application form which is given to every approved participant. The badges are restricted and depends on the area allotted to an exhibitor as per the terms and conditions of ITPO (Please refer to details under 'Exhibitor's Manual') .

Q.8 Can I purchase the Exhibitor badges?

A. Only Exhibitors are allowed the Exhibitor badges. Every Exhibitor allotted space of 15 sq. mtr. are given 3 badges (Please refer to details under 'Exhibitor's Manual') .

Q.9 Can I purchase car parking ticket?

A. One car parking for those allotted 100 sq mtrs or above will be given free for the self-driven vehicles only. Showing the exhibitor badge at the gate is mandatory. One additional car parking ticket can be purchased @ Rs.1000 each as per the conditions of ITPO.

Q.10 Whether overseas companies can display their products?

A. Overseas companies can display their products in exclusive foreign pavilions in Hall No. 6 and 18. Only foreign companies are allowed to remit charges applicable in foreign currency through the banking channels of their own country.

Q.11 What is the location of International Business Lounge?

A. International Business Lounge is located near Gate No.2 of Pragati Maidan which can be approached through Bhairon Marg near Purana Quila next to Pragati Maidan

Q.12 Can an overseas buyer park his/her vehicle in the parking lot?

A. Exhibitors who have the Exhibitor parking label can park their at Exhibitor parking near gate No.1. There are ample parking slots available opposite to every gate, which open to all others on payment basis.

Q.13 Where can an exhibitor obtain parking label?

A. Parking labels are issued by the security division for authorized vehicles only.

Q.14 Possession of booth for the Exhibitors?

A. Possession of booths for the exhibitors will be given from 7th November 2015 and the display should be ready by 12th November 2015